Products Range

• Solar Street Light ( CFL/LED)
• Solar Home Light ( CFL/LED)
• Solar Lantern
• Solar Power Pack 0.5 KWP to 20 KWP on Ward
• Solar Water Pumping Systems
• ETC Solar water Heater 150 LPD to on ward
• Agriculature / base renewable products
   as per requirement.
• Solar Fencing
• Solar Invertor
• Solar Cooker.

Solar Lantern Model KSP

The Solar Lantern specification of a CFL light source based solar lantern system :

PV Module 10 Wp under STC
Battery Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) lead acid battery or NiMH battery or Lithium Ion Battery
Light Source 7Watt CFL Luminary with 4 pins only along with proper pre-heating circuit
Electronics Efficiency approximately 85%
Duty Cycle 4 hours a day under average daily insulation of 5.5 kWh / sq.m. on a horizontal Surface.
Autonomy Minimum of 3 days or 12 operating hours per permissible discharge
Capacity- Domestic 150, 200, 300 & 500 Liters / Day
Commercia Any Capacity more than 500 LPD
Temperature Evacuated tube collector (ETC)
Storage tank Outer cladding; SS304
Backup Electrical Heater with thermostat for Cloudy days
(Approved by MNRE, Govt. of India)
Designed to handle hard water & Soft Water

Solar Street Light CFL Base

Solar Panel 74 WP – 1 Nos.
Battery 12V 75 AH Tubular
11 Watt CFL Housed in attractive powder coated luminary
Charge control unit
Electronic Control Unit with Dusk to Dawn Operation

Solar Street Light LED Base

Solar Panel 40wp
Battery 40 Ah tubular
9 Watt LED
LED, Luminary with dusk to down operation.

Solar Pumping System

Solar Home Light Systems

KSP Designed solar lighting products for reliable solutions, we provide backup power by using tubular batteries, and for remove areas we use supply directly, our home light systems are use full for homes offices hospitals and other commercial places.
Model- I
Solar Panel – 12 V. 18wP
Battery 12 V 20 Ah tubular
Change controller 12 V. 34
9 Watt – Luminary 1 nos.
Model- II
Solar Panel – 12 V. 37wP
Battery 12 V 40 Ah tubular
Change controller 5A
9 Watt – Luminary 2 nos.& Fan 1 Nos.
Model- III
Solar Panel – 12 V. 37wP
Battery 12 V 40 Ah tubular
9 Watt – Luminary
20w, DC Fan
Model- IV
Solar Panel – 74wP
Battery 75 Ah tubular
Charge controller – 12 V, 5A
Luminary 9 Watt/ 2 nos.
DC Fan

Solar Power 1 kwp System Details

Capacity 1000 Wp
Module Mounting Structure MS hot dip galvanized with thickness of galvanization in between 80 to 120 micron as per the site condition.
Power Conditioning Unit 1 No.
Inverter 1.25 kVA (As per IEC 61683, IEC 60068-2)
Charge Controller As per the requirement (IEC 62093, IEC 60068-2)
Battery (Lead Acid, tubular positive plate flooded electrolyte or Gel / VRLA Type) (600 Ah battery must be used) 600 Ah
Cabling Min. 20 m
Monitoring, Control & protection device 1 Set
Metering at generation side 1 No. DC Watt-hour meter with USB port facility.
Metering at consumption side 1 No. AC Energy Meter with USB port facility.
Spares Set of required fuses, screws & terminals etc as required.
Junction Boxes / Enclosures IP 65 (for outdoor) / IP 21 (for indoor) IEC 62208
GI Pipe Ear thing System conforming As per IS:3043-1966
Lightning & Over Voltage Protection System conforming provisions of IS:3070